Jesse Garland Releases - NEW EP - De Mi Corazón

"De mi corazón" - Jesse Garland's new Latin Jazz EP is hot off the presses!  Collaborations with Rodney Barretto of Havana, Cuba; Bill Kopper, Victor Mestas, Bijoux Barbosa, Eric Thorin and Brian McRae.  Learn More about the album!  Get your CD now or listen on one of your favorite digital online services like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and more!  



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About Jesse

The hardest thing for any singer is to find her own voice, but Jesse has certainly found hers.  Through a vision of "stirring things up" - Jesse brings new life to the classic standards while twisting up modern tunes and making them her own.  When she sings her sound emerges fully formed and like no other.  Come hear this fresh sound that pushes jazz to the edge...Come be inspired!

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